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So i was reading this blog the other day which posed the question, Is there an age limit for women to wear heels? In other words, would an 60 year old woman look weird wearing heels?

So there are a few things to consider about this. The first being, what kind of heels are we talking about? Like you get those “fugly” air-hostess heels, which in my opinion shouldn’t even be legal, but apparently they are comfortable so whatever. Then there’s the other extreme “porno heels”, the playboy type clear heels, which are sky scraper high and that make me scared to even watch someone walk in. Even though those woman look like TOTAL whore’s i will give credit where credit is due and i take my hat off to those woman (and men, especially men) who can walk in those. Then there are the Michelle Obama type heels, otherwise known as kitten heels (aaaaah, my first pair of “heels” at age 13). These are cute and ideal for tall people, but rather pathetic for average to short people. Then there’s the lovely wedge. I love the wedge! It’s comfy, but still gives you the height and for some reason can never look slutty (which is good). And then finally you get the regular heel, which i could categorize further, but i think i’m good with what i’ve done so far. Before i get to the age limit of heels i would just like to clear something up. First of all, no woman, no matter her age should wear those “porno heels”, unless of course you are confined to the walls of a strip club, live in the play boy mansion or are going to a dress up party. BUT that’s it. And those “air hostess heels”, well the name says it all. If they comfy and if you really HAVE to, i guess it ok. Now onto the age limit. If an old woman does not look her age, in other words: she looks younger; has good legs; and it fits her personality then hey, I say, GO FOR IT! wear whatever you want. I think it starts giving back problems as the woman age… i wouldn’t know because i’m not exactly there yet, so i assume that’s why the height of the heel slowly decreases. BUT IF YOU CAN PULL IT OFF, WHY THE HELL NOT?!

ps i bought these on sale and i think they are pretty hot, not exactly porno (phew).

Now for some yummy fashion i saw peaking into the summer runways for the next few seasons… SPEEDO’S!!!! i know, i know. They are frowned upon… but go to Europe and they are EVERYWHERE! i think i might take my next vacation to Europe. Yes they leave little to the imagination, but then again board shorts leave too much to the imagination. Why must we as woman walk around in water-friendly versions of our underwear, while men walk around in shorts that cover their knee’s? I see something wrong here. So i am more than happy to welcome the comeback of the speedo. I’m just saying… 🙂

So that’s it from the fashion side of things, well actually not, but i could write about this forever, so i’ll keep it to this for now.

Thanks for reading

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So in about 2weeks time i will be back to blogging, as my classes would have ended and i will be sitting lazing about the whole day, counting down the days until i go home. Having mixed feelings about that, but i will touch on that when i actually have time.

I think my readers gave up on me when i got too busy to blog, but IM BACK! and even if they don’t come back i still enjoy blogging to who knows who, maybe no one, maybe someone. i guess i will never know. And that’s the joy of this whole blogging adventure i decided to take on at the beginning of this year.

Until next time,

Thank you for reading xo xo


I know it has been waaay to long to even try and recap what I’ve missed out. Due to a million things I have neglected this blog, but I am back. Sitting on my now shrinking butt (thank you gym) I have decided that enough is enough. It’s time to start blogging again, I’m going to try not forget about this again, after all, I’m home in 4 months so I have enough to write about until then. Let’s see how this run goes.

Until I decide to sit on my shrinking butt again, thanks for reading, whoever you are.
Xo xo


I know I just recently posted my last blog but here is the one that was meant to be posted on sunday. So Alexander McQueen died on Tuesday I think. He was an amazing designer who pushed the limits when it came to fashion. It was confirmed that he commited suicide the day before his mothers death. He did leave a suicide note but they are not releasing that to the press for obvious reasons. I think it’s sad how some people see this as the only way out of the pain they are feeling. He did not have to leave so soon. I am however very excited to see what they make as a tribute to him at London Fashion Week (he was from england), I think it will be an amazing compliation of some of britians most talented designers.

I went to go watch Dear John this week too, which was such a cute movie. Not your typical romantic happy ending but a nice ending despite what ppl say, maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic movie watcher to have loved it so much.

A major event that happened last week was VALENTINES DAY!!!! Which if I may be honest I am confused about. You see I don’t like the day but deep down there is a part of me that wants all this romantic bull shit. So I get real excited about it and I get all cliched and korny like wearing red on the day etc etc, but then I think what is valentines day? I’m sure it means different things to different people. Some people wait the whole year for this day whole others couldn’t care if it happened or not. I think part of v-day is a money making scam, and there is a part of it that puts an unnessecary amount of pressure on the guy (typically) who is expected to do something for the girl he is with, provided he is dating someone. Then I think it gives girls unfair expectations. I know we always hope for SOMETHING from the guy we are seeing, and nothing that a guy does will ever live up to the expectations we have given ourselves. And I think this day puts an awful amount of stress of those single people out there, who do not want to be reminded they are alone on this day but are then constantly reminded about this awful fact for the whole day and the week before and after v-day as a matter of fact. Another reason I don’t like v-day is the fact that I don’t see why we need one day of the year to show the person we are with how we feel about them. And no it’s coz then “it would be too expensive”, it’s our own fault that we have put money on valentines day. It’s the little things that count, the things we can do for each other everyday that reminded us why we are with this person and not the person across the street. It’s not about the material things (we are the ones who have made it about that), it’s about how that person makes you feel everyday, not just this on one day of the year.

Then again I love this day coz deep down somewhere deep deep down inside of me there is a person that loves all this cliched stuff. The red roses, dinner dates, walks on the beach blah blah blah. It is the day that we get an excuse to show our love for the person we are with without feeling cliched coz we kinda have to do it. It’s the day that we can go all out with no excuses.

So this valentines day was the best v-day I have had so far. No pressure at all (I was single for this one by the way). So I went with some friends to Mc Donalds for lunch, mc d’s on valentines day couldn’t get any better :). Then later that night I went with the same friends to watch the movie “Valentines Day”, this is where it gets corny. Watching a movie titled valentines day ON valentines day. It was so cute and so much fun for all of us who went.

I think that’s enough of my rambling for one blog. Thanks for reading.
Xo xo

So another week goes by. I somehow can’t believe I have actaully kept this thing going for three weeks now. I have come to have major respect for bloggers who blog daily. I don’t know where they find the time, or maybe they have no life and this is all they do. I dunno what it is but they keep it up. I can hardly keep a week blog going.

So this past week was um… The usual I guess, except for one major event (maybe the biggest celebration in America besides 4th July) the Super Bowl. For those of you who don’t watch football (that would be practically the whole world besides America), it is THE biggest sporting event of the year. Celebration all around. People will plan their weekend to revolve around super bowl Sunday. Anyway. This year it was the New Orleans Saints vs the Indianapollis Colts, I was routing for saints because of Kim K (her bf is a player for the Saints) and also because I had read a very accurate online prediction and I didn’t want to be supporting the loosing team (that was a secret, I pretended I knew exactly why I was saints and not colts). So everyone besides me was supporting Colts. Hahahaha sucks for them, in the end I was the only one going to sleep happy :).

After going through spouts of missing home and the life I had, I realise that the appreciation for my mom has grown an enormous amount since I’ve been here, and I doubt she’s complaining. She’s coming for vacation on march 19th and I can’t wait to see her. It would have been just under a year that I haven’t seen her so bring on the water works at the airport.

Well I think that’s it for this week. I know it’s been long over due but woops. I got busy so I will post this one (which was meant to be posted last weekend) an then I will start on this last weeks blog (it’s gonna be my valentines blog).

Thanks for reading. Xo xo

This is also the line in a Britney song “Break the Ice”, LOVE that song!

So sorry i haven’t been blogging this week been feeling rather exhausted this week and had absolutely NO energy when it came to sitting down and writing this. Sunday is a good day for relaxing and… yip you guessed it… BLOGGING!!!!

Last week i went to one of the best concerts i have ever been to, (just short of Robbie Williams in 2006), “Who could top all the other concerts i have been too?” you may ask, well no other than TIMBALAND himself and OMG was he good!!! An absolute music genius in my opinion. By the way, did you know he is married and has a daughter?!

Moving onto another thing that is on my mind and has been at the back of my mind since it happened is Haiti. Those poor poor people. My heart really goes out to them. The kids who have lost their parents at such a young age really breaks my heart. My total donations to Haiti have been $50, which i know is not a lot, but its better than nothing. I wish there was more i could do for them. I also donated $20 on behalf of my mom, rather chuffed about that.

After watching Julie & Julia i realised how much i miss cooking at home for my mom. I hope i haven’t forgotten everything i know, we’ll see when i get back home how aweful my cooking has become (guess i will finally have to put my own motto to the test, “if you can read you can cook.” not so sure about that anymore). Baking baking baking. Yum yum yum. Baking when i was bored of studying at home and then given to my wonderful testers at hostel the sunday night. Thank god they always were willing to taste and ALWAYS loved it. except for Megz who hated it when i put lemon in things. And in consumer studies everyone waited for every second monday when we cooked and i gave them my food for lunch! It was always gone, thank god i had no leftovers that went off!

OOOOOH grammy’s are on tonight! Cant wait! I think it will be an interesting night. 4pm the red carpet arrivals start and 7pm the ceremony starts. Gonna be a fun night to watch! i hope Taylor wins a few.

Well i think that’s all i can muster up for today. Maybe more later tonight. I am aiming to blog more this week, but we will see. I have a decent amount of college work due so sorry if appear MIA for a while AGAIN!

Have a good week everyone! XO XO

So this is my first attempt at blogging, i was inspired to do this after watching “Julie and Julia” for the second time last night. I’m not to sure how this will end, if it will ever end, if anyone will read it or if i will ever get bored of doing this, seeing as i have no subject to write about, but what the hell. LET’S BLOG!

Starting this blog the household asked, “What will you write about?”, my answer to this was, “Anything, whatever comes to my head during the day.” So i guess that’s what i will be blogging about.

ENJOY, whoever reads this.


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