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Valentines day

Posted on: February 18, 2010

I know I just recently posted my last blog but here is the one that was meant to be posted on sunday. So Alexander McQueen died on Tuesday I think. He was an amazing designer who pushed the limits when it came to fashion. It was confirmed that he commited suicide the day before his mothers death. He did leave a suicide note but they are not releasing that to the press for obvious reasons. I think it’s sad how some people see this as the only way out of the pain they are feeling. He did not have to leave so soon. I am however very excited to see what they make as a tribute to him at London Fashion Week (he was from england), I think it will be an amazing compliation of some of britians most talented designers.

I went to go watch Dear John this week too, which was such a cute movie. Not your typical romantic happy ending but a nice ending despite what ppl say, maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic movie watcher to have loved it so much.

A major event that happened last week was VALENTINES DAY!!!! Which if I may be honest I am confused about. You see I don’t like the day but deep down there is a part of me that wants all this romantic bull shit. So I get real excited about it and I get all cliched and korny like wearing red on the day etc etc, but then I think what is valentines day? I’m sure it means different things to different people. Some people wait the whole year for this day whole others couldn’t care if it happened or not. I think part of v-day is a money making scam, and there is a part of it that puts an unnessecary amount of pressure on the guy (typically) who is expected to do something for the girl he is with, provided he is dating someone. Then I think it gives girls unfair expectations. I know we always hope for SOMETHING from the guy we are seeing, and nothing that a guy does will ever live up to the expectations we have given ourselves. And I think this day puts an awful amount of stress of those single people out there, who do not want to be reminded they are alone on this day but are then constantly reminded about this awful fact for the whole day and the week before and after v-day as a matter of fact. Another reason I don’t like v-day is the fact that I don’t see why we need one day of the year to show the person we are with how we feel about them. And no it’s coz then “it would be too expensive”, it’s our own fault that we have put money on valentines day. It’s the little things that count, the things we can do for each other everyday that reminded us why we are with this person and not the person across the street. It’s not about the material things (we are the ones who have made it about that), it’s about how that person makes you feel everyday, not just this on one day of the year.

Then again I love this day coz deep down somewhere deep deep down inside of me there is a person that loves all this cliched stuff. The red roses, dinner dates, walks on the beach blah blah blah. It is the day that we get an excuse to show our love for the person we are with without feeling cliched coz we kinda have to do it. It’s the day that we can go all out with no excuses.

So this valentines day was the best v-day I have had so far. No pressure at all (I was single for this one by the way). So I went with some friends to Mc Donalds for lunch, mc d’s on valentines day couldn’t get any better :). Then later that night I went with the same friends to watch the movie “Valentines Day”, this is where it gets corny. Watching a movie titled valentines day ON valentines day. It was so cute and so much fun for all of us who went.

I think that’s enough of my rambling for one blog. Thanks for reading.
Xo xo


3 Responses to "Valentines day"

Glad to know that u had fun at V-day, although it wasnt the typical valentines day for u. I totally agree on ur thoughts about valentines esp the scamming part and expecting too much.
Anyways, it seems like u and ur frineds are a fun bunch… Stick together.

Valentines Day isn’t just about showing someone you love them, you’re right you can do that everyday of the year, but its about actually celebrating that love, which I think is important.

It doesn’t have to include money and all that rubbish. I just think a day that celebrates love is worth celebrating. But that could just be cuz im in love and i love being in love. I dunno. But there you have it.

nice thoughts, expressed nicely too. x

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