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So in about 2weeks time i will be back to blogging, as my classes would have ended and i will be sitting lazing about the whole day, counting down the days until i go home. Having mixed feelings about that, but i will touch on that when i actually have time.

I think my readers gave up on me when i got too busy to blog, but IM BACK! and even if they don’t come back i still enjoy blogging to who knows who, maybe no one, maybe someone. i guess i will never know. And that’s the joy of this whole blogging adventure i decided to take on at the beginning of this year.

Until next time,

Thank you for reading xo xo



I know it has been waaay to long to even try and recap what I’ve missed out. Due to a million things I have neglected this blog, but I am back. Sitting on my now shrinking butt (thank you gym) I have decided that enough is enough. It’s time to start blogging again, I’m going to try not forget about this again, after all, I’m home in 4 months so I have enough to write about until then. Let’s see how this run goes.

Until I decide to sit on my shrinking butt again, thanks for reading, whoever you are.
Xo xo



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  • Nixi: Yay lex :)
  • mom: Yay!
  • mom: 21 days to go... good thing i am going to london on the way back, will ease the separation! but then, not long to go till the end of the year either.