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So i was reading this blog the other day which posed the question, Is there an age limit for women to wear heels? In other words, would an 60 year old woman look weird wearing heels?

So there are a few things to consider about this. The first being, what kind of heels are we talking about? Like you get those “fugly” air-hostess heels, which in my opinion shouldn’t even be legal, but apparently they are comfortable so whatever. Then there’s the other extreme “porno heels”, the playboy type clear heels, which are sky scraper high and that make me scared to even watch someone walk in. Even though those woman look like TOTAL whore’s i will give credit where credit is due and i take my hat off to those woman (and men, especially men) who can walk in those. Then there are the Michelle Obama type heels, otherwise known as kitten heels (aaaaah, my first pair of “heels” at age 13). These are cute and ideal for tall people, but rather pathetic for average to short people. Then there’s the lovely wedge. I love the wedge! It’s comfy, but still gives you the height and for some reason can never look slutty (which is good). And then finally you get the regular heel, which i could categorize further, but i think i’m good with what i’ve done so far. Before i get to the age limit of heels i would just like to clear something up. First of all, no woman, no matter her age should wear those “porno heels”, unless of course you are confined to the walls of a strip club, live in the play boy mansion or are going to a dress up party. BUT that’s it. And those “air hostess heels”, well the name says it all. If they comfy and if you really HAVE to, i guess it ok. Now onto the age limit. If an old woman does not look her age, in other words: she looks younger; has good legs; and it fits her personality then hey, I say, GO FOR IT! wear whatever you want. I think it starts giving back problems as the woman age… i wouldn’t know because i’m not exactly there yet, so i assume that’s why the height of the heel slowly decreases. BUT IF YOU CAN PULL IT OFF, WHY THE HELL NOT?!

ps i bought these on sale and i think they are pretty hot, not exactly porno (phew).

Now for some yummy fashion i saw peaking into the summer runways for the next few seasons… SPEEDO’S!!!! i know, i know. They are frowned upon… but go to Europe and they are EVERYWHERE! i think i might take my next vacation to Europe. Yes they leave little to the imagination, but then again board shorts leave too much to the imagination. Why must we as woman walk around in water-friendly versions of our underwear, while men walk around in shorts that cover their knee’s? I see something wrong here. So i am more than happy to welcome the comeback of the speedo. I’m just saying… 🙂

So that’s it from the fashion side of things, well actually not, but i could write about this forever, so i’ll keep it to this for now.

Thanks for reading

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