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This is also the line in a Britney song “Break the Ice”, LOVE that song!

So sorry i haven’t been blogging this week been feeling rather exhausted this week and had absolutely NO energy when it came to sitting down and writing this. Sunday is a good day for relaxing and… yip you guessed it… BLOGGING!!!!

Last week i went to one of the best concerts i have ever been to, (just short of Robbie Williams in 2006), “Who could top all the other concerts i have been too?” you may ask, well no other than TIMBALAND himself and OMG was he good!!! An absolute music genius in my opinion. By the way, did you know he is married and has a daughter?!

Moving onto another thing that is on my mind and has been at the back of my mind since it happened is Haiti. Those poor poor people. My heart really goes out to them. The kids who have lost their parents at such a young age really breaks my heart. My total donations to Haiti have been $50, which i know is not a lot, but its better than nothing. I wish there was more i could do for them. I also donated $20 on behalf of my mom, rather chuffed about that.

After watching Julie & Julia i realised how much i miss cooking at home for my mom. I hope i haven’t forgotten everything i know, we’ll see when i get back home how aweful my cooking has become (guess i will finally have to put my own motto to the test, “if you can read you can cook.” not so sure about that anymore). Baking baking baking. Yum yum yum. Baking when i was bored of studying at home and then given to my wonderful testers at hostel the sunday night. Thank god they always were willing to taste and ALWAYS loved it. except for Megz who hated it when i put lemon in things. And in consumer studies everyone waited for every second monday when we cooked and i gave them my food for lunch! It was always gone, thank god i had no leftovers that went off!

OOOOOH grammy’s are on tonight! Cant wait! I think it will be an interesting night. 4pm the red carpet arrivals start and 7pm the ceremony starts. Gonna be a fun night to watch! i hope Taylor wins a few.

Well i think that’s all i can muster up for today. Maybe more later tonight. I am aiming to blog more this week, but we will see. I have a decent amount of college work due so sorry if appear MIA for a while AGAIN!

Have a good week everyone! XO XO



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